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Condor Week 2009
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
April 20-April 23, 2009
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Monday, April 20th, 2009

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Presenter Title Institution Files
LeRoy, Nick Tutorial: Basic Introduction to Condor Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Tannenbaum, Todd; Miller, Zach; Thain, Greg Tutorial: User case studies and examples Condor Project (PowerPoint)
De Smet, Alan Condor Administrator Tutorial Condor project (Notes (HTML)) (PowerPoint)
Thain, Greg Best practices for updating Condor Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Frey, Jaime How to use new features in Condor 7.2 Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Tannenbaum, Todd Using APIs to access Condor Condor Project (PowerPoint)
(Sample getversion perl script)
(Sample condorq perl script)


Presenter Title Institution Files
Livny, Miron Welcome Condor Project (PowerPoint)
McCaulay, Scott Music Information Retrieval with Condor Indiana University (PowerPoint)
Moretti, Chris Abstractions for Data Intensive Computing on Condor University of Notre Dame (PowerPoint)
Bui, Hoang BXGrid: A Data Repository and Computing Grid for Biometrics Research University of Notre Dame (PowerPoint 2007) (PowerPoint)
Herzfeld, David Deploying Condor using VirtualBox on Windows Hosts Marquette University > (PowerPoint)
Keller, Peter DMTCP: A New Linux Checkpointing Mechanism for Vanilla Universe Jobs Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Woo, Jungha Condor Java Daemon Core -- JMS Job Event Notification Purdue University (PowerPoint) (PDF)
Stoddard, Alex Genome Scale Family Based Association Testing Using Condor Medical College of Wisconsin (PowerPoint) (PDF)
Holzman, Burt Condor in the CMS experiment Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Open Office) (PDF)
Zhao, Xin Condor at Brookhaven Brookhaven National Laboratory (Powerpoint 2007)
Rae, Ian IceCube's use of Condor IceCube/Condor Project (PDF)
Box, Dennis CDF's experience with Condor in a large-scale grid environment Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (PDF)
Jermini, Pascal and Thiémard, Michela Condor at the Swiss Institute of Technology of Lausanne Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (PowerPoint)
Smith, Preston Campus Grid at Purdue Purdue University (PowerPoint 2007)
Balman, Mehmet Stork 1.0 and Beyond Louisiana State University (PDF)
Patterson, Nathan A High Throughput Computing Analysis of Rounding in the Beer Distribution Game Purdue University (PowerPoint 2007)
Prelz, Fracesco Poor man's application virtualization on Linux INFN - Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (HTML)
Wolinsky, David Autonomic Condor Clouds University of Florida (PDF)
Juve, Gideon Corral: A Glide-in Based Service for Resource Provisioning Information Sciences Institute (PDF)
Chism, Frank Condor and Windows: Co-existence and Interoperation Microsoft (PowerPoint 2007) (PowerPoint)
Narkhede, Nitin Cloud computing platform based on Condor Wipro (PowerPoint)
Farrellee, Matthew Red Hat and Condor Project Collaboration Red Hat (PDF)
Blattner, Timothy Integrating GPUs into Condor Marquette University (PowerPoint)
Borthakur, Dhruba Hadoop Distributed File System & Condor Software Engineer at Facebook and Project Lead for Apache Hadoop File System (PowerPoint)
Stowe, Jason Flights of the Condor:War Stories, Challenges, and Solutions Cycle Computing (PowerPoint)
Koranda, Scott LIGO's use of Condor University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (PDF)
Tannenbaum, Todd Condor Project Leveraging messaging in a distributed system (PowerPoint)
Sfiligoi, Igor; Bradley, Dan; and Tannenbaum, Todd Condor WAN scalability improvements - A needed evolution to support the CMS compute model Fermilab and the Condor Project (Open Office) (PDF)
Miller, Todd and Gietzel, Becky Improving Software with the UW Metronome Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Bradley, Dan The Condor Connection Broker Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Tannenbaum, Todd What's new in Condor? What's coming up? Condor Project (PowerPoint)