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Condor Week 2009
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
April 20-April 23, 2009
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Information for Speakers

Talk Schedule

All talks will be on Tuesday, April 21 or Wednesday, April 22. Most talks are 25 minutes long, including time for questions and answers. We do try hard to keep talks on schedule.

Talk Titles

By April 13 (one week before Condor Week starts), we would like a title for your talk and a short (one or two sentence) description of your talk.

Projection Computer

In order to keep talks moving along smoothly, we would like your presentation in advance of the talk. We will put your talk on the computer being used for presentations, to facilitate smooth transitions between speakers. If you must use a laptop to project, we will allow it, but we strongly prefer using our computer. (It avoids those delays between talks while we work out how to get your computer to display the talk.) Please send your talk at least one hour in advance of your presentation to Alain Roy.

Projection Formats

We can project talks that are PowerPoint (2007 or 2003) or PDF. We will also be able to project talks that are OpenOffice.

Posting of Talks

With your permission, we will post your talks on the Condor Week 2009 web page. Ideally we will post them before you present, because some listeners like to follow along on their laptop.