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New Full-Time Position: Software Integration Developer

January 28, 2022

Join the CHTC Team as a Software Integration Developer!

The successful candidate for this position will work closely with faculty, staff and students to solve a variety of systems integration and other small-to-medium computing problems, to provide dependable end-to-end capabilities.

The exact projects will evolve over time, but typical tasks include:

  • Designing and automating complex software systems and software workflows for scientific computing
  • Understanding and modifying legacy software systems that use scripting languages
  • Analyzing manual processes, then designing and writing new software tools to partially or fully automate them
  • Ensuring that systems in production are running as expected and handling problems as they arise
  • Writing software that tests other software systems for correctness or efficiency
  • Helping users by troubleshooting and supporting integrated software systems
  • Write documentation and other user-support materials

Given the diverse projects that this position will support, flexibility is critical. Tasks may last from one day to several months, and the developer will be expected to juggle several projects at once with some support from colleagues and leadership. This is great opportunity for someone who thrives on variety and a fast-paced, challenging work environment!

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