HTCSS Support

In addition to our extensive documentation we provide several support options.

Internal Contract Support

Internal fee-based support for guaranteed problem resolution and fast turnaround times.

Organizations that pay for a support contract enjoy guaranteed problem resolution and faster turn-around times. This is in addition to telephone and high-priority email address access.

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Community Mailing List

Free, community-based best effort support is available through our htcondor-users mailing list.

HTCondor developers and users from around the world are subscribed to the list and volunteer their time and effort to answer questions and share information about HTCondor.

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External Support Options

Organizations that the HTCondor Team knows are providing support, integration, consulting, products, or other services on or around HTCondor software.

This list is not an endorsement of the services provided by the organization, but is for information only. The HTCondor Team does not evaluate or guarantee the successful performance of the organization.

Users who are interested in the services related to HTCondor provided by these organizations should contact the organization directly to find out more about the services offered.

If you would like your organization listed below, please contact Please provide an organization name, email address for inquiries, a web address for your organization, a phone number, and a geographical location.

Argo Graphics
Tokyo, Japan

Cycle Computing
Cycle Computing, a Microsoft Company, provides support for workloads running in the Azure cloud.

Red Hat
Email: Use this web page
Phone: see this web page and select your region
Red Hat offices are worldwide

Low Priority Email

The HTCondor Team can be contacted by sending email to

Each message sent to this address receives a tracking number, and the HTCondor team will try to resolve your issue. This is best-effort support and response times can vary between several minutes to several days, though the team does try and make initial contact by the next day. We thank you for your patience.

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