HTCondor High Throughput Computing


We recommend that you install HTCondor from a repository on Linux platforms. The tarballs are still available below if you need to be able to place the software in a custom location.

HTCondor Binaries and Source

For instructions on building HTCondor from source, please see the HTCondor Wiki.

More information about the HTCondor versioning scheme is available here.

 VersionRelease DateUW Madison
Current Feature Release 8.9.13[install instructions] Mar 30, 2021 HTCondor 8.9.13
Recent Feature Release 8.9.11[install instructions] Jan 27, 2021 HTCondor 8.9.11
Current Stable Release 8.8.13[install instructions] Mar 23, 2021 HTCondor 8.8.13
Recent Stable Release 8.8.12[install instructions] Nov 23, 2020 HTCondor 8.8.12

Earlier versions of the HTCondor source can be acquired from our revision control system.

Downloadable HTCondor Manuals

HTCondor documentation and manuals may be downloaded, or viewed online from the HTCondor Manual page.

If you are looking for Phoenix Software International's software development and library management system for z/VSE or z/OS, click here

If you have any problems downloading condor, please let us know at Thanks for using HTCondor!