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Save the dates for Throughput Computing 2023 - a joint HTCondor/OSG event

January 27, 2023

Don't miss these in-person learning opportunities in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin!

Save the dates for Throughput Computing 2023! For the first time, HTCondor Week and the OSG All-Hands Meeting will join together as a single, integrated event from July 10–14 to be held at the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Fluno Center. Throughput Computing 2023 is sponsored by the OSG Consortium, the HTCondor team, and the UW-Madison Center for High Throughput Computing.

This will primarily be an in-person event, but remote participation (via Zoom) for the many plenary events will also be offered. Required registration for both components will open in March 2023.

If you register for the in-person event at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, you can attend plenary and non-plenary sessions, mingle with colleagues, and have planned or ad hoc meetings. Evening events are also planned throughout the week.

All the topics typically covered by HTCondor Week and the OSG All-Hands Meeting will be included:

  • Science Enabled by the OSPool and the HTCondor Software Suite (HTCSS)
  • OSG Technology
  • HTCSS Technology
  • HTCSS and OSG Tutorials
  • State of the OSG
  • Campus Services and Perspectives

The U.S. ATLAS and U.S. CMS high-energy physics projects are also planning parallel OSG-related topics during the event on Wednesday, July 12. (For other attendees, Wedneday’s schedule will also include parallel HTCondor and OSG tutorials and OSG Collaborations sessions.)

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