HTCondor Week 2017

University of Wisconsin — Madison, Wisconsin — May 2-5, 2017

picture of Madison

Wednesday, May 3rd

 8:00 am  9:00 am Coffee and Registration
coffee, tea, ice water
Session Moderators: John "TJ" Knoeller, Aaron Moate
 9:00 am  9:05 am Quick welcome
Todd Tannenbaum
Center for High Throughput Computing
 9:05 am  9:20 am What's new in HTCondor? What's coming up?
Todd Tannenbaum
Center for High Throughput Computing
 9:25 am  9:45 am Reaching new Scales with the CMS HTCondor Global Pool
James Letts
 9:50 am 10:10 am HTCondor in Astronomy
Greg Daues, Steve Pietrowicz
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
10:15 am 10:35 am Consolidating Computational Resources at IceCube
This talk describes how IceCube uses HTCondor and an in-house glidein system to consolidate computing resources from a diverse set of facilities.
Vladimir Brik
10:35 am 11:05 am Break
Session Moderators: Jaime Frey, Brian Lin
11:05 am 11:25 am Welcome
Miron Livny
Center for High Throughput Computing
11:30 am 11:50 am Singularity
Brian Bockelman
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
11:55 am 12:15 pm Using Docker with HTCondor - Learn It, Live It, Love It
Mike Fienen
USGS Wisconsin Water Science Center
12:15 pm  1:15 pm Lunch
Session Moderators: Greg Thain, Carl Edquist
 1:15 pm  1:35 pm The HTCondor Annex
Todd Miller
Center for High Throughput Computing
 1:40 pm  2:00 pm Amazon Web Services with HTCondor
Sanjay Padhi
 2:05 pm  2:25 pm 160,000 Core Demo on Google Compute Engine
Steve Timm
 2:30 pm  2:50 pm HTCondor and MAUI/TORQUE (PBS) resource¬†management integration
Grigoriy Abramov
Research Data Center at Illinois Institute of Technology
 2:55 pm  3:15 pm Effective Use of Cgroups with HTCondor
Tom Downes
 3:15 pm  3:45 pm Break
Session Moderators: Aaron Moate, Ian Ross
 3:45 pm  4:05 pm HTCondor at Syracuse University, Building an Effective Resource Utilization Strategy
The talk will focus on how Syracuse University is striving to most effectively utilize the research computing resources it makes available to researchers. It will include a high level discussion on computing resource investment, technical methods for deploying the resources, and models for effective utilization.
Eric Sedore
Syracuse University
 4:10 pm  4:30 pm Running HTC Workloads on a Supercomputer with HTCondor
Edgar M Fajardo Hernandez
University of California-San Diego
 4:35 pm  4:55 pm REED: High Security in the Cloud with HTCondor
Preston Smith
Purdue University
 4:55 pm  5:25 pm HTCondor Suggestions Panel
Miron Livny, others
Center for High Throughput Computing

Specific talks and times are subject to change.

Reception sponsored by Cycle Computing

Courtesy of Cycle Computing we will have a reception following the Wednesday session. It will be at Lucky's 1313 Brewpub, 1313 Regent Street, from 6pm to 7pm. Drinks and appetizers will be served. It is a about a one mile walk from the meeting location (walking directions). Note that this is not the same Lucky's location that receptions have been held at in previous years.