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Paradyn/Condor Week 2011
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
May 2-May 6, 2011
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Overview Presentations
Local Arrangements Monday, May 2
Tuesday, May 3
Paradyn Condor
Wednesday, May 4
Paradyn Condor
Thursday, May 5
Friday, May 6
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Presenter Title Institution Files
LeRoy, Nick Tutorial: User Tutorial Condor Project PowerPoint PDF
Wenger, Kent Tutorial: Condor and Workflows: An Introduction Condor Project PowerPoint PDF
De Smet, Alan Tutorial: Basic Condor Administration Condor Project PowerPoint PDF
Miller, Zach Tutorial: Securing your pool with SSL Condor Project PowerPoint PDF
Chesal, Ian Tutorial: How to Install, Configure, Visualize, and Manage Clusters with CycleServer Cycle Computing PDF
Thain, Greg Tutorial: Running interpreted language programs in Condor: Matlab, R, and more Condor Project PowerPoint PDF


Presenter Title Institution Files
Livny, Miron Welcome Condor Project PowerPoint PDF
Spalding, Edgar Image processing to study plant growth enabled by Condor-managed high throughput computing University of Wisconsin-Madison PDF
Wedell, Jon Using Condor behind the scenes to provide a public CS-Rosetta server at the BioMagResBank University of Wisconsin-Madison OpenOffice PDF
Thain, Doug Condor Compatible Tools for Data Intensive Computing University of Notre Dame PowerPoint PDF
Mhashilkar, Parag and Weiss, Cathrin Asynchronous file transfer in Condor Fermi National Laboratory and Condor Project PDF
Tuecke, Steve Globus Online University of Chicago Computation Institute PowerPoint PDF
Miller, Zach Flexible data placement mechanisms in Condor Condor Project PowerPoint PDF
Garay, Juan Antonio Raygoza Enabling Plant Sciences research with the iPlant Discovery Environment and Condor iPlant Collaborative PowerPoint PDF
Motoska, Vladimir & Slebodnik, Lukas Condor as a resource for financial market analysis SORS PDF
Farrellee, Matthew Red Hat and Condor Project Collaboration Red Hat PDF
MacKinnon, Peter Aviary: Simplified Web Service Interface to Condor Red Hat PDF
Yildirim, Esma End-to-end Data-flow Parallelism for Throughput Optimization in High-speed Networks University at Buffalo PowerPoint PDF
Cooperman, Gene, Arya Kapil, Denniston Tyler, and Visan, Ana-Maria Checkpointing using DMTCP, Condor, Matlab and FReD Northeastern Univerity PDF
Bockelman, Brian Improving User Accounting and Isolation with Linux Kernel Features University of Nebraska-Lincoln PDF
Hanke, Michael Integrating Condor into the Debian operating system Dartmouth College PDF
Heymann, Elisa Security Risks in Clouds and Grids Universitat Autonoma De Barcelona PowerPoint PDF
Koranda, Scott Identity management and distributed computing: what LIGO wants from Condor University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee PDF
Nolte, Tina Cisco Unified Computing System Cisco PowerPoint
Sfiligoi, Igor & Dost, Jeff Why SaaS can be good - The tale of the OSG glidein factory University of California San Diego OpenOffice PDF
Rynge, Mats glideinWMS - Dynamic Glidein Provisioning across National Cyber Infrastructures USC Information Sciences Institute PDF
Weitzel, Derek Building Campus HTC Sharing Infrastructures University of Nebraska-Lincoln PowerPoint PDF
Smith, Preston Costs & Benefits of a Campus Computing Grid Rosen Center for Advanced Computing User Support (Purdue) PowerPoint PDF
Cotton, Ben Condor at Purdue: Vegetating, Virtualization, and Videos Purdue IT Research Systems Group PDF
Strecker-Kellogg, William Group Quotas at the RACF (Brookhaven National Lab) Brookhaven National Laboratory PowerPoint PDF
Stowe, Jason My Best Condor week Talk Ever Cycle Computing N/A
Alderman, Ian Production Condor in the Cloud Cycle Computing PowerPoint PDF
McGough, Stephen Intelligent Power Management over Large Clusters Newcastle University PowerPoint PDF
Kronenfeld, Scot Condor Release Lifecycle Condor Project PowerPoint PDF
Tannenbaum, Todd What's new in Condor? What's coming up? Condor Project PowerPoint PDF
Gore, Brooklin Closing Remarks Condor Project PowerPoint PDF