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Paradyn/Condor Week 2010
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
April 12-April 16, 2010
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Overview Local Arrangements Monday, April 12
Tuesday, April 13
Paradyn Condor
Wednesday, April 14
Paradyn Condor
Thursday, April 15
Friday, April 16
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Presenter Title Institution Files
LeRoy, Nick Tutorial: User Tutorial Condor Project PowerPoint PDF
Tannenbaum, Todd Tutorial: User case studies and examples Condor Project PowerPoint PDF
De Smet, Alan Condor Administrator Tutorial Condor project PowerPoint PDF Notes
Bradley, Dan Installing and Upgrading Condor Condor Project PowerPoint PDF
Tannenbaum, Todd Extending Condor Condor Project PowerPoint PDF
Frey, Jaime Using Virtual Machines with Condor Condor Project PowerPoint PDF


Presenter Title Institution Files
Livny, Miron Welcome Condor Project PowerPoint PDF
Deelman, Ewa Pegasus WMS: Leveraging Condor for Workflow Management Information Sciences Institute PowerPoint PDF
Kraemer, Sara Cyberinfrastructure and Scientific Collaboration in GLOW II: A Virtual Team Performance Framework University of Wisconsin-Madison PowerPoint PDF
Thain, Greg High Throughput Parallel Computing Condor Project PowerPoint PDF
Paikowsky, Nir Virtual SMPs with ScaleMP's vSMP Foundation for Cloud ScaleMP PDF
Weitzel, Derek Running persistent jobs in Condor University of Nebraska-Lincoln PowerPoint PDF
Alderman, Ian Condor in dynamic environments Cycle Computing PowerPoint PDF
Sanford, Peter Using Condor as a virtual machine manager Aruba Networks (PDF)
Struble, Craig Pools of Virtual Boxes Marquette University PDF
Cooperman, Gene DMTCP and Condor: a New Checkpointing Mechanism Northeastern University PDF
Smith, Preston Condor @ Purdue Purdue University PowerPoint PDF
Keahey, Kate Cloud Computing with Nimbus Argonne National Laboratory PowerPoint PDF
Yu, Li Scaling Up Scientific Workflows with Makeflow University of Notre Dame PowerPoint PDF
Bui, Peter Weaving Abstractions into Workflows University of Notre Dame PowerPoint PDF
Murali, Vidhya Asynchronous notification in Condor Condor Project PowerPoint PDF
Hwang, MinJae IPv6 in Condor Condor Project PowerPoint PDF
Teige, Scott Understanding Supernovae Using Condor Indiana University PowerPoint PDF
Hoover, Sam Project Blackbird: Accelerated Course Archives using Condor with Blackboard Clemson University PowerPoint PDF
Sfiligoi, Igor Condor-G: A few lessons learned UCSD Open Office PDF
Thain, Greg Condor integrated with Hadoop's Map Reduce Condor Project PowerPoint PDF
Poulain, Christophe Dryad and DryadLINQ for data-intensive research Microsoft PowerPoint PDF
Papadopoulos, Philip Extending Rocks Clusters into Amazon EC2 Using Condor UCSD PowerPoint PDF
Stowe, Jason Condor Migrations Cycle Computing
Farrellee, Matthew Red Hat MRG MRG PDF
Ryan, Michael Creating a Managed Build Service with Condor Bank of America
Larson, Krista and Rynge, Mat CorralWMS: Integrating glideinWMS and Corral Fermi National Laboratory PDF
Hover, John PanDA & Condor-G Brookhaven National Laboratory PowerPoint PDF
Kulasekaran, Sivakumar Stork Data Scheduler: Current Status and Future Directions Louisiana State University PowerPoint PDF
Benton, Will and Rati, Rob Improving configuration management in Condor Red Hat PDF
Tannenbaum, Todd What's new in Condor? What's coming up? Condor Project PowerPoint PDF