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Motion Retargetting

Motion retargetting is simply editing existing motions to achieve the desired effect. Since motion is difficult to create from scratch using traditional methods, changing existing motions is a quicker way to obtain the goal motion. This page specifically address the usage of Michael Gleicher's Spacetime Constraints motion retargetting method (put link to paper here) to retarget motion captured data to differently proportioned skeletons.

The following pages explain the steps we took to retarget motion-capture data and the software we created to do so. The pages also discusses the problems our method addresses by showing show some of our rendered examples, and finally discusses some problems we have yet to address.

Any further questions should be directed do Dr. Gleicher.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction: The tools need
  2. Extracting the dimensions from the skeleton
  3. Solving the new Motions
  4. Applying the new motions to create a final render
  5. Conclusions: Some unsolved problems
  6. Reference Links

Index of Examples

  1. Ant Dance 
  2. Baby Dance #2
  3. Gremlin Dance #1
  4. Ant Walking
  5. Gremlin Walking
  6. Alien Walking
  7. Ant picking up Box

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