CS559 Tutorials

The projects for this course will consist of C++ applications authored in the Microsoft® Visual Studio 2003 (VS03) environment.  You are free to develop your solutions on the platform/compiler of your choice.  However, all grading and demoing will take place using VS03 and we will not provide support for other platforms or compilers.  Hence, your solution for each project must consist of a VS03 project which we can compile to test your code.  The following tutorials will show you how to setup, compile, test, and debug a 559 project in the VS03 environment.  All tutorials assume you are working in the CS graphics lab located in B240. 

These tutorials assume a working knowledge of C++.  For an introduction to the language please refer to this C++ tutorial for programmers already familiar with the Java programming language.


These tutorials will show you how to get a project setup in visual studio.  We'll extend out initial project by adding windowing and OpenGL graphics.  These tutorials should be completed in sequence as each builds on the prior's solution.
  1. Setting Up a Console Application in VS03
  2. An FLTK Window
  3. Displaying and Manipulating Images
  4. OpenGL in FLTK
  5. User Input and Animation
  6. Lighting
  7. Texturing

Additional Information

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