CS559 Project Setup Information

This page provides the information required to setup a VS03 project for CS559.  This information is meant for use by users already familiar with VS03/OpenGL/FLTK.  If you are not familiar with VS03 or the libraries you should complete the tutorials.

One additional note.  All information here is for a debug build of the project.  We will not discuss or require release builds for this course.

Include Paths

The following include paths should be added to VS03.


Library Paths

The following library paths should be added to VS03.



The following libraries should be added as additional dependencies to each project.

fltkd.lib comctl32.lib wsock32.lib opengl32.lib glu32.lib fltkgld.lib libtargad.lib

Intermediate Directory

Because of current issues with VS03 and AFS the intermediate directory of all projects should be changed to the local disk prevent issues with temporary file creation on AFS.  Set your project's intermediate directory to :


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