Whilst not being the most ingenious crack staff, we certainly are the best-looking. We all encourage you to e-mail each one of us individually and tell us just how good looking you think we are. Really, it doesn't take that much of your time... c'mon... please?


     *Known most widely for his perfect syntax and uncanny ability to sing songs about Jim Blinn.


     *Bakke introduced the world to Klem. Klem stole all the fame, and has since nearly replaced Eric as our brush-stroke coder of choice... Be sure to visit Klem in his element at http://www.anteye.com... Oh, and pay him the proper respects... He'll defame you too if you're not careful...


     *Gardner eh? Well, that's his font you see all over this page... He's the one who sits over people's shoulders and bugs them about new, infeasable strategies to manipulate those thousands of "sketchers" we have wrought from their friends and family. He's also pretty strange.


     *Mainly responsible for mass groin-kickings. Keep your airplane glue away from Chris too. Last time we had to pry his nostrils apart with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.


     *The latest addition to the MBGH&D crew. Steve is tall... ... ... ... ... But wait, there's more! He's also pretty-much the master of alpha-blending... now if we could only flip that stinkin' lightmap...