NRPQuake requires a number of files to operate. They are packaged here into one zipfile to make things easy.

     NPRQuake is compiled for the Win32 platform only. Other versions may be released in the future - well, probably not by us anyway. The following .zip file contains everything you need to get started. Download it into your Quake directory, and unzip it, preserving the directory structure. You should get 2 directories called "brushes" and "textures", then the nprquake.exe binary and a bunch of DLLs that are the plug-in renderers.

To make it go, just run "nprquake.exe", and then when the program starts, bring down the console and type "r_load sketch" or "r_load bprint" or "r_load brush" without the quotes. To get back to the default, use "r_load dr_default".

Also, each renderer can create its own cvars (or console variables) but I don't remember them offhand, so you will have to play around to find them. They tweak various things about the renderers, like line thickness etc.
Download the NPRQuake package.

     As with all other versions of GLQuake, the original files (the game's data) are necessary to actually play. The shareware file is available for download on our site.
Download the shareware file.

     Don't worry developers, we haven't forgotten you. The following files are for those who would like to create their own NPRQuake DLL's (or tailor NPRQuake to their own liking). Each one is a Visual Studio workspace, and should compile with very little tweaking on your part.
Download the NPRQuake source.
Download the collection of NPRenderer source (includes sketchy, blueprint, and brushStroke).

     If you have created your own NPR renderer, feel free to contact one of us (well, not Erik - he's going to be away from computers for a summer). We'll be happy to put it up on our page along with the rest of the renderers.