Herein lies the details of the blueprint-renderer.

     The blueprintNPR attempts to simulate blueprint-style designs people create before constructing buildings. The walls, water, and everything else is left without shading, as blueprints are classically constructed for quick access to dimensions - not three-dimensionality.

     The blueprint borrows heavily from the sketchy renderer. Its walls, particles, and water are all drawn in the same manner as the sketchy renderer, but without the intentional jittering to create the look of sketchiness.

     Whilst running around the level, the player will occasionally run across a segment that has blueprint-style measurement lines (denoting the distance) appended to the existing polys. This is one of the many nifty touches implemented by this renderer to set it apart. There are, however, many small touches that can be added to this renderer, and we encourage anyone who would like to learn how to edit a renderer to give this one a shot.

     Execution and C-vars
     To load the bluePrint renderer, simply hit the ~ key in NPRQuake (to bring down the console), and type
r_load bluePrint
The view will immediately change to a blueprint-style environment.

     If you would like to play NPRQuake with the bprint renderer, simply download the following .zip file and extract it into the same directory as your NPRQuake executable. As a reference, the default renderer (dr_default.dll) will already be located in this renderer's destination directory.

Download the package of NPRs.

     And for all of you budding NPRQuake developers out there, if you would like to enhance any of our nprs, feel free to download the following Visual Studio workspaces. They're under the GPL code-domain, and should be edited and distributed accordingly.
Download the package of NPR source.