*** Update 12/2/02 by Alex Mohr ***

Adrian Ilie has created a neat looking cartoon-style renderer using NPRQuake. You can find the new renderer and lots of great information on how to use it from the project's web page: http://www.cs.unc.edu/~adyilie/comp238/Final/Final.htm

*** Update 5/21/02 by Alex Mohr ***

Michael Olson has created binary and source packages for RedHat Linux 7.3. They are available from http://www.cs.odu.edu/~olson/linux. Thanks Michael!

*** Update 2/9/02 by Alex Mohr ***

NPRQuake has been ported to the Mac! There's no fancy web page but you can download the code by following this link: http://homepage.mac.com/tigital/ . Thanks to tigital for doing this port!

*** Update 1/29/02 by Alex Mohr ***

Jeremy Green has very kindly ported NPRQuake to Linux. You can either grab the code on his page, or from right here. NPRQuake.tar.gz

*** Update 5/13/01 by Alex Mohr ***

Seems NPRQuake has been discovered. Just a small bit to address some common questions/comments.

First, a "get started quick" thing. Download this into your quake directory, unzip it, and run nprquake.exe. When the game comes up, bring down the console and type: "r_load sketch" without the quotes. Also try "r_load bprint" and "r_load brush". To go back to the default, do "r_load dr_default".

The Quick Info:

NPRQuake was a class project that we did back in the spring of 2000 in about two weeks. Since then, nobody's touched it. :) Although we did get some research out of it. You can see that here.

I appreciate comments and questions, so feel free to send them (amohr@cs.wisc.edu) (no reply guarantees though..). If you have good things to say, you can send them to all of us. If you have nasty things to say, you can take a deep breath and then calmly remind yourself that we won't care.

Bug reports and feature requests probably won't be honored because we've all pretty much moved on. However, someone else can certainly pick this up (please do!). The source code isn't pretty (hey, it was two weeks!), but it's all here and you can play with it.

Finally, since this source mod is network compatible with regular Quake, it can be used to cheat. Please don't. Cheaters suck. Bigtime. Even playing with these renderers might be considered cheating by some, in the right circumstances.

Anyway, best of luck, and enjoy.

Alex Mohr


     Taking a gigantic leap backwards, the crack staff of MBGH&D has concocted a Quake completely unknown to the current population of Earth. Why the silly pencil sketch webpage? Why the 'npr' before the word Quake (at the top of the page, silly)? Well I'll tell you why...

     Do you remember that kid you sat next to in grade school? That one who could draw a nigh-perfect shoe in a matter of minutes? The one who everyone in the fifth grade thought would be the world's best artist? Have you ever wondered what happened to that kid? You never saw his shoe-sketches after the fifth grade, and there's a pretty darn good chance you never saw him after junior high. We at MBGH&D finally have the answer to what happened to that poor soul...

     To put it bluntly, we have kidnapped him/her. Yes folks, we have kidnapped -all- of those great pencil-sketchers from your collective past(s), and forced them to give us their sketching expertise. We assure you, this measure was utterly necessary, as without the hundreds of "sketchers" (we like to call them) we would not have been able to draw so many lines for each frame in the world's first, realtime, Non-PhotoRealistically-Rendered GLQuake. (Took me long enough to get to the point, didn't it?)

     And, in case you were wondering, we're not giving them back...


     M, B, G, H, and D.

(see 'who we are' page to flame us for stealing your friends... the final product was worth it though, don't you think?)

*Oh, and a special thanks to PlanetQuake for the webpage inspiration...