Fall 2003

Note: all assignments and projects are due at the begining of class (2:30 pm) on a Tuesday.

Note: programming warmups and written assignments are graded "check/nocheck." However, it is in your best interest to do the work since the material will appear again in projects or on exams.

Remember that you will not be given a handin directory for the assignments until you have turned in your course survey.

Assignment 1 - Due 9/9/2003

Written Assignment #1: Mathematics warmup. Please print out the question sheet and answer it (there should be enough room on the page, if not staple additional sheets and be sure that your name and login are on all pages.

Class Survery: we will not "grade" your survery, but we will check that you have turned it in. We need the surveys to help us understand how to tailor the class to meet students' needs. Do not staple your survey to you math assignment.

Assignment 2 - Due 9/16/2003

Programming warmup #1: write an FlTK program!

Assignment 3 - Due 9/23/2003

Programming warmup #2: display an image!

Assignment 4 - Due 9/30/2003

Written assignment #2: imaging math

Project 1 - Due 10/7/2003

There is a practice assignment on transforms that you can do. We won't collect it or grade it, but its good practice for the exams.

Assignment 5 - Due 10/14/2003

Programming warmup #3: OpenGL

Assignment 6 - Due 10/21/2003

Programming warmup #4: 3D

Assignment 7 - Due 10/28/2003

Written assignment #3: curves

Project 2 - Due 11/4/2003

Assignment 8 - Due 11/11/2003

Written assignment #4: surfaces

Assignment 9 - Due 11/18/2003

Programming warmup #5: Texture mapping

Assignment 10 - Due 11/25/2003

Written assignment #5: Compositing

Project 3 - Due 12/2/2003

Note: only "phase 1" of the project is due this day.