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CS 559: Computer Graphics
Fall 2001

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The Reader

The course reader contains book chapters, notes, and articles that are required readings for the class.

  1. Elements of Early Vision for Computer Graphics by James Ferwerda..
    appeard in IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, September/October 2001.
  2. Chapter 13: Achromatic and Chromatic Light
    from J. Foley, A. van Dam, S. Feiner, J. Hughes, Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice, 2nd Edition in C. 1990, Addison-Wesley.
    Part 1: (Sections 13-1) - Achromatic Light
    Part 2: (Sections 13-2 to 13-6) - Color
  3. The Intuitions of Signal Processing (for Motion Editing) by Michael Gleicher
    unpublished notes
  4. Basic Signal Processing by Pat Hanrahan
    unpublished notes
  5. Compositing Digital Images. by Tom Porter and Tom Duff.
    appeared in the Proceedings of SIGGRAPH '84.
  6. Image Compositing Fundamentals by Alvy Ray Smith
    Microsoft Technical Memo #4, appears on Alvy Ray Smith's web page.
  7. Paint by Numbers: Abstract Image Representations by Paul Haeberli
    appeared in the Proceedings of SIGGRAPH '90.
  8. Chapter 3: Basic Raster Graphics Algorithms for Drawing 2D Primitives
    J. Foley, A. van Dam, S. Feiner, J. Hughes, and R. Phillips. Introduction to Computer Graphics. Addison-Wesley, 1994.
  9. Chapter 10: Three-Dimensional Object Representations (first 15 sections)
    from D. Hearn and P. Baker. Computer Graphics: C version. Prencice Hall, 1986
  10. Chapter 5: Texturing
    from Tomas Moller and Eric Haines. Real-Time Rendering. A.K. Peters, 2000.
  11. Principles of Traditional Animation Applied to Computer Animation by John Lasseter
    appeared in Proceedings of SIGGRAPH '87
  12. Computer Animation. by J. Hodgins, J O'Brien, and R. Bodenheimer.
    appeared in Encyclopedia of Computer Science, Thompson Press.
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