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Late Policy

We will not accept late homeworks, programming assignments, or exams. Period. If you need to miss something, we might be able to make arrangements ahead of time.

Programs and projects are due on Thursdays at 5pm. We will look at AFS timestamps to check to see when files were last touched, or we might lock down directories.

Late projects will be accepted until the Monday morning following the due date. This is a practical matter: at this time we may release information (such as demo instructions) that would give students still working on their projects an unfair advantage. A student is permitted to turn 1 project in late without penalty. The second late project will be given a half letter grade penalty. If a student turns in all three projects late, the third will be penalized a full letter grade.

Homework assignments are due in class on Tuesdays. Late assigments may not be accepted.

Not Turning in Assignments

Not doing an assignment (turning in nothing) will be considered worse than doing a bad job.

In order to receive a passing grade you must complete all of the projects, and exams. To meet this requirement, a failing grade is better than a "void" (or no grade).

"Completing" a project means turning something in and giving a demo. Even if your program does absolutely nothing, you must still show up to tell us that.

We will only grade assignments that are turned in.

Extra Credit and Bonus Parts

There will be no extra credit on any assignments. You cannot make up things once you have missed them. Assignments and projects may have bonus parts to them. These are optional. They will not help you grade. They are provided to give you a way to gain more experience with the topics and ideas, and to show off how smart you are. Doing a bonus part does not take the place of doing the regular parts of an assignment.

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