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Fall 2001

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559 Assignments

This semester, students will be required to complete 4 programming assignments, and 4 written homework assignments (in addition to projects).

The programming assignments are small programs to help make sure that you have the skills required to complete the projects. The programs are detailed on a seperate page.

Written assignments are designed to force you to think about class material and to check to see if you understood some things. Assignment 1 will give you a chance to see how rusty you are with some of the class prerequisites.

In all cases, you should be able to complete the work in the space provided (print out the assignment sheets). In the event that you need more space, be sure to print your name and login on every sheet you turn in and staple the sheets together.

The assignments:

Assignement 1: Linear Algebra Review and Survey, due 9/10
Note: while the survey is not graded, you are required to turn it in. The questions on the homework are designed to help you refresh your memory of linear algebra.
Assignment 1 sheet
Class Survey (do not staple to Assignment 1, but turn in together)
Assignment 2: Images, due 9/25
This written assignment will check your understanding of the basic signal processing concepts and color, and to get you thinking about things for the upcoming project.
Assignment 3: Curves, due 11/8
This assignment will give you the opportunity to practice the mathematics of polynomial curves.
Answer Key
Assignment 4: Geometry and Lighting, CANCELLED
This assignment will allow you to practice your understanding of 3D geometry and its relationship to illumination.
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