New Students

I am looking for graduate students to join my research group. I am looking for ambitious and motivated people to work with. You will find a stimulating, challenging, and fun environment. If you are interested in computer architecture and have applied to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, feel free to send me a short email. Briefly summarize your research interests in your email.

I am interested in microarchitecture, architecture, and software issues for future computation systems. Technology constraints of unreliable hardware, process variations, and energy efficiency are going to define computation substrates of the future. Our research goal in the Vertical group is to understand the constraints of the underlying technology and applications and use these to derive architecture and microarchitecture solutions.

I believe strongly in nurturing students and in our group students will get great research exposure. My research philosophy is to help in student development as deep thinking research scientists. You will get to read many papers, opportunities to review papers, publish extensively, and travel to conferences. Beyond the technical aspects, we will also focus on developing writing and communication skills.

My research involves a mix of the following components:

  • Hardware and circuit tools: Spice, verilog, synthesis
  • Hacking software and simulators - writing C/C++ code
  • Building real hardware
  • Prototype using FPGAs
  • Hacking operating system and compiler code

I am looking for students that match these interests and have the skills for this kind of analysis. If you are great at one or more of the following definitely email me or drop in:

  • Strong C/C++ coding and debugging skills. If you like writing code contact me!
  • Hardware implementation experience: verilog/vhdl, spice experience
  • Strong applications background, for example, analyzing scientific workloads, DSP benchmarks or graphics workloads.
  • Assembly language hacking
  • Experience using or developing architecture simulators.
  • Strong passion to understand how computers work and build systems.

If you are a student applying for admission to graduate school, add the string [Student applying to Grad school at the end of your subject line in your email. This will ensure more prompt email response from me