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Solvers that use MW

MW has been a key enabling technology in solvers for some important problems.
  • The NUG30 Quadratic Assignment Problem was solved in June 2000 using a code based on MW, an achievement that was widely reported in the media. The resulting paper Solving Large Quadratic Assignment Problems on Computational Grids, by Kurt Anstreicher, Nathan Brixius, Jean-Pierre Goux, and Jeff Linderoth, was published in Mathematical Programming 91 (2002), pp. 563-588. It won the SIAM Activity Group in Optimization Prize in May 2002, for the best paper in optimization published during the preceding three years.
  • The code ATR for two-stage linear stochastic programming with recourse, also based on MW, was used to solve problems of unprecedented size and complexity, and was used to explore the properties of various sampled approximations to such problems. The paper Decomposition algorithms for stochastic programming on a computational grid by Jeff Linderoth and Stephen Wright (Computational Optimization and Applications 24 (2003), pp. 207-250) won the prize for best paper in the journal Computational Optimization and Applications for the year 2003.