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Known Issues

The following are known issues when compiling MW:
  • Since MW uses condor_compile, only certain versions of gcc can be used to compile MW. See here for more info.
  • The -ldl flag is required when linking with libcondorapi.a

The following are known issues when running MW:

  • With the short-running examples, the master starts sending tasks to the first worker that reports back to it. It can often take condor a few seconds (or longer) to get the other workers going. In this short time frame, all of the tasks can be finished by the first worker. Even there are a lot of workers available, all the tasks will just run on one. A quick way to check to see if this is the case is to simply make the worker do more work for each task. Add a long sleep to the worker's execute_task method, or add a busy loop. Then, you'll see the parallelism kick in.