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create a relinked executable for submission to the Standard Universe


condor_compile cc | CC | gcc | f77 | g++ | ld | make | ...


Use condor_compile to relink a program with the Condor libraries for submission into Condor's Standard Universe. The Condor libraries provide the program with additional support, such as the capability to checkpoint, which is required in Condor's Standard Universe mode of operation. condor_compile requires access to the source or object code of the program to be submitted; if source or object code for the program is not available (i.e. only an executable binary, or if it is a shell script), then the program must submitted into Condor's Vanilla Universe. See the reference page for condor_submit and/or consult the "Condor Users and Administrators Manual" for further information.

To use condor_compile, simply enter "condor_compile" followed by whatever you would normally enter to compile or link your application. Any resulting executables will have the Condor libraries linked in. For example:

        condor_compile cc -O -o myprogram.condor file1.c file2.c ...
will produce a binary "myprogram.condor" which is relinked for Condor, capable of checkpoint/migration/remote-system-calls, and ready to submit to the Standard Universe.

If the Condor administrator has opted to fully install condor_compile, then condor_compile can be followed by practically any command or program, including make or shell-script programs. For example, the following would all work:

        condor_compile make 

        condor_compile make install 

        condor_compile f77 -O mysolver.f 

        condor_compile /bin/csh compile-me-shellscript

If the Condor administrator has opted to only do a partial install of condor_compile, the you are restricted to following condor_compile with one of these programs:

        cc (the system C compiler) 

        c89 (POSIX compliant C compiler, on some systems) 

        CC (the system C++ compiler) 

        f77 (the system FORTRAN compiler) 

        gcc (the GNU C compiler) 

        g++ (the GNU C++ compiler) 

        g77 (the GNU FORTRAN compiler) 

        ld (the system linker)

NOTE: If you use explicitly call ``ld'' when you normally create your binary, simply use:

        condor_compile ld <ld arguments and options>

Exit Status

condor_compile is a script that executes specified compilers and/or linkers. If an error is encountered before calling these other programs, condor_compile will exit with a status value of 1 (one). Otherwise, the exit status will be that given by the executed program.


Center for High Throughput Computing, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Copyright © 1990-2012 Center for High Throughput Computing, Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI. All Rights Reserved. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

See the Condor Version 7.6.10 Manual or for additional notices.

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