The Wild and Crazy Idea Session III

held at ASPLOS-X in San Jose, CA
Monday October 7, 4-6pm

Deadline extended to Monday Sept 2, 11:59pm

Submission Instructions
Looking back:
W&C II (2000)
W&C I (1998)

Share with us your 
forward-looking ideas!

Building on the success of the first two Wild and Crazy Idea sessions, ASPLOS again seeks to provide an intoxicating counterpoint to its main technical program, by devoting an entire session to presenters daring enough to offer publicly a wild, forward-looking idea. While the wild-and-crazy talks won't try to answer all questions they may raise, they will excel in fresh insights, surprising ideas, and identifying hidden trends.

The Wild and Crazy Idea session is the voice of more forward-looking, but less developed, material.  The goal is to free presenters from the reins of quantitative analysis, thus making it easier to feel the joy of revolutionary (as opposed to incremental) research. As such, revolutionary research should inspire, not seek to recommend a concrete design.

In format, the session will remain an 8-minute madness: a session of short talks on topics loosely consistent with ASPLOS --- pretty much anything related to computer architecture.  In addition to pure architectural ideas, we are also looking for ideas on the interplay of architecture with programming languages and operating systems (this is ASPLOS, after all). Talks will be chosen from one-page abstracts. 

Again, remember that we are looking for new ideas, insights, concepts and problem formulations, not for definitive, polished answers to long-standing problems. While simple "numbers" are ok, speakers will have to convince the audience (and us) with insights that their forward-looking idea is good.

Abstract Submission Deadline: Saturday August 31, 2002, 6PM CST
Acceptance/rejection: September 10, 2002

We look forward to your submissions!
Ras Bodik
UC Berkeley / IBM Research
Seth Goldstein
Carnegie Mellon University

Last modified: Monday, July 22, 2002