The Wild and Crazy Idea Session III

held at ASPLOS-X in San Jose, CA
Monday October 7, 4-6pm

Deadline extended to Monday Sept 2, 11:59pm

Submission Instructions
Looking back:
W&C II (2000)
W&C I (1998)

Abstract Submission:  Saturday August 31, 2002, 6PM CST
Acceptance/rejection:  September 10, 2002

Of course, the Wild and Crazy Idea session can only be as good as the submissions. Thus, the success of this session depends crucially on you. Submissions should consist of no more than a one-page abstract, including three major parts: 

  1. a description of the problem that you are tackling, 
  2. a description of your solution, and 
  3. a justification for why your solution is a good one.

We plan to post all submissions on the web after the conference.  Please let us know if you do not want your abstract posted.

Ideas will be selected based on their originality and distance of "forward-lookingness". Here is the one venue in which radicalness (although not "flakiness") will be rewarded. All aspects of computer architecture and systems organization are fair game: new computational models, interesting computing substrates (biological, quantum, etc), new architectural features, interesting solutions to pressing problems (such as design complexity, power consumption, etc.). Anyone can submit, but only serious submissions, please.

Send submissions to by Saturday August 31, 2002.  Please submit either ASCII text or PDF format.

Ras Bodik
UC Berkeley / IBM Research
Seth Goldstein
Carnegie Mellon University

Last modified: Monday, July 22, 2002