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The Hiran Mayukh Award is given to a computer architecture student who has shown great potential during his or her first year of graduate studies at Wisconsin. This award honors the memory of Hiran Mayukh, a young computer architect who showed great promise during his time at Wisconsin. Hiran passed away in the Spring of 2011. By creating this award, his family hopes to inspire the recipients to achieve their full potential.

Awards are announced and presented at the UW Computer Architecture Affiliates meeting dinner. Past award winners:

  • 2011: Vijay Sathish
  • 2012: Dibakar Gope
  • 2013: Ashish Maurya
  • 2014: Sharmila Shridhar
  • 2015: Aditya Venkataraman
  • 2016: David Schlais
  • 2018: Suchita Pati, Di Wu
  • 2019: Mitali Soni

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