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Version Numbering Scheme for HTCondor

As of version 6.0.1, HTCondor adopted a new numbering scheme, which we hope is easier to understand. It reflects the fact that HTCondor is both a production system and a research project. The numbering scheme was primarily taken from the Linux kernel's version numbering, so if you are familiar with that it should seem quite natural.

There will usually be two HTCondor versions available at any given time, the "stable" version, and the "development" version. People expecting a stable production system should obviously download the stable version; most people are encouraged to use this version. We will only offer our paid support for versions of HTCondor from the stable release series. Only people who are interested in the latest research, including new features that haven't been fully tested, should download the development version. We will make our best effort to ensure that the development series works, but we can make no guarantees.

Gone are the days of "patch level 3", "beta2", or any other random words in the version string. All versions of HTCondor now have exactly three numbers, separated by ".":

On the stable series, new minor version releases will only be made for bug fixes. No new features will be added to the stable series. People are encouraged to install new stable versions of HTCondor when they appear, since they probably fix bugs that affect you. We hope there won't be many minor version releases for any given stable series.

On the development series, new minor version releases will probably happen frequently. Users should not feel compelled to install new minor versions unless they know they want features or bug fixes from the newer development version.

Most sites will probably never want to install a development version of HTCondor for any reason. You should only install a development version at your site if you know what you are doing (and like pain), or were explicitly instructed to do so by someone on the HTCondor Team.

After the feature set of the development series is satisfactory tothe HTCondor Team, we will put a code freeze in place, and from that point forward only bug fixes will be made to that development series. When we have fully tested this version, we will release a new stable series, reset the minor version number, and start work on a new development release from there.

For example, 6.2.1, was the first minor release of the "6.2" stable series. While 6.2.1 was available, we worked on the "6.3" development series, and soon, a "6.3.0" development version was available for those who wanted it. Other versions of 6.3 followed quickly, with lots of changes, new features, etc. When the dust settled, we froze the 6.3 series, went into beta testing and finally, when we were happy with everything, released 6.4.0, the next stable series. At that point, we began work on the 6.5 development series and the whole process was repeated...

As usual, if you have any questions about any of this, please send them to