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HTCondor Team

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Miron Livny
Tim Cartwright
Alan De Smet
Jaime Frey
Becky Gietzel
Jim Kupsch
John (TJ) Knoeller
Brian Lin
Lauren Michael
Karen Miller
Todd Miller
Zach Miller
Aaron Moate
Mátyás Selmeci
Todd Tannenbaum
Bill Taylor
Greg Thain
Kent Wenger
Nate Yehle
Graduate Students
Ziliang Gao


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Information about us and the roles we play on the HTCondor Team

Tim Cartwright joined the HTCondor team in April 2005. Tim received his Ph.D. in Cognitive from Johns Hopkins University in 1996, and has worked as a programmer and consultant since then. Currently, he leads the CHTC Packaging team, the Open Science Grid (OSG) Software team, and the OSG Education area.

Alan De Smet joined the HTCondor team as a staff member in April 2002. Alan received a degree in Computer Science from the UW Madison in 1997. Alan's work for the HTCondor team has focused on grid computing, including HTCondor-to-Globus (HTCondor-G) and direct HTCondor-to-HTCondor (HTCondor-C).

Carl Edquist joined the HTCondor team in February 2013 and works with the Virtual Data Toolkit (VDT).

Jaime Frey joined the HTCondor team in September 1999 as a student, later becoming a staff member. He received a bachelor's degree in Computer Sciences from UC-San Diego in June 1998 and a master's degree in Computer Sciences from UW-Madison in December 2001. His work in HTCondor focuses on its interaction with computational grid systems, particularly Globus.

Becky Gietzel joined the HTCondor team as a staff member in April 2003. Becky received a BS degree in Computer Science from UW Eau Claire in 2000. Becky has worked primarily on the Build and Test Lab.

John (TJ) Knoeller works as a systems programmer within the HTCondor group of the CHTC.

Jim Kupsch works as a security researcher in the UW Computer Sciences Department. He is currently working on vulnerability assessment, focusing on Grid software. The project involves developing techniques for vulnerability assessment and applying them to software, including the HTCondor project. This project has documented over 20 vulnerabilities in grid software packages, and it has provided advice and training to the developers to improve the security of their software. Prior to this, Jim had worked on developing parallel and distributed databases and search engines. He received a BSEE with additional majors in Computer Science and Mathematics and a MS in Computer Sciences, both from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Brian Lin received a B.Sc. in Physics and Atmospheric Sciences from McGill University in 2010. He joined the HTCondor team in March 2013 and works with the CHTC Packaging Team and the Open Science Grid.

Miron Livny received a B.Sc. degree in Physics and Mathematics in 1975 from the Hebrew University and M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Sciences from the Weizmann Institute of Science in 1978 and 1984, respectively. Since 1983 he has been on the Computer Sciences Department faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he is currently a Professor of Computer Sciences. He has been leading the HTCondor project since 1986.

Lauren Michael joined the team in January 2013 as a Research Computing Facilitator and is involved in multiple computing outreach projects for HTCondor, the OSG, and the UW-Madison campus.

Karen Miller does technical writing for the HTCondor team. She grew up in the Bay area of California, and completed a BS in EECS at Berkeley. Karen has been in Madison since 1985, initially doing digital design work, followed by completing an MS in Computer Sciences at UW Madison. She also teaches CS courses and has authored two popular assembly language textbooks.

Todd Miller received his master's in computer science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2003. He joined the HTCondor team in February of 2007, to work on NMI.

Zach Miller received his Computer Sciences degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in December of 2000 and began working for HTCondor shortly thereafter. His main focus is the development of the core HTCondor software, particularly aspects related to security features and policy. His other interests include reading, traveling, hiking and biking, and both listening to and playing a lot of music, especially Brazilian percussion.

Aaron Moate has been working for HTCondor as a systems administrator since June 2012.

Mátyás Selmeci graduated in 2009 with a B.S. in Computer Sciences from UW-Madison, and joined the HTCondor team shortly thereafter. He works with the Virtual Data Toolkit (VDT).

Todd Tannenbaum first became involved with the HTCondor Project in 1993, while working as the Unix systems manager for the UW Madison College of Engineering. In 1995, Todd became director of the Model Advanced Facility (MAF) at UW Madison, a center which focused on high performance (and high throughput) computing. In 1997, Todd joined the HTCondor team as a full-time researcher. On the HTCondor team, Todd's responsibilities include the day-to-day management of the full-time development staff. Todd is also heavily involved in the design and implementation details of future HTCondor releases. His contributions include the low-level libraries which provide HTCondor's communication framework, process management, and portability layers. As the HTCondor team resident Windows NT expert, Todd worked on most parts of HTCondor NT. In addition to research publications, Todd has over 25 articles published in several of the nation's leading software development and network administration publications such as Network Computing, Dr. Dobbs Journal, and Information Week.

Bill Taylor joined the HTCondor team as a staff member in August 2002. Bill received a degree in Computer Science from the UW Madison in 1980. Bill became interested in network programming in 1988 while working for a Unix manufacturer and has worked largely in this area under both Unix and Windows since. Bill's responsibilities are currently split between helping campus researchers use HTCondor to run their research studies and improving and extending the HTCondor test suite.

Greg Thain joined the HTCondor team in November of 2004. He works on HTCondor's ability to run parallel codes, such as MPI, and more experimental parallel systems such as HTCondor's Master-Worker framework. Greg received a BS degree in Computer Sciences from the UW in 1990.

Kent Wenger spends part of his time on HTCondor and part on DEVise (which includes working closely with the BioMagResBank). Kent grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Green Bay, Wisconsin, and received a degree in computer science from UW Madison in 1990 (after also studying some electrical and mechanical engineering along the way). His HTCondor responsibilities include the Classad Viewer and enhancements to DAGMan. When he's not working, you can often find Kent riding one of his bikes, cross-country skiing, or hiking, or, less often, scuba diving or traveling to interesting places.

Nate Yehle has been working for HTCondor as a systems administrator since August 2012.



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