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This page lists where all our hardware stuff is located. It should be kept as updated as possible.

Desktop Machines

Desktop machines:

  • Vlad: Syrinx (1GHz Dell), permanently unavailable, 3360 network infrastructure

Mesh Boxes

MAC addr CSL Number Additional HW Current Location/User
00:40:63:DC:24:46 C020276 N/A cs3360
00:40:63:DB:4B:D0 C020277 N/A cs3360
00:40:63:DB:4C:3F C020282 N/A cs3360
00:40:63:DC:23:93 C020273 N/A cs3360
00:40:63:DC:23:A7 C020281 N/A cs3360
00:40:63:DC:24:50 C020275 N/A cs3360
00:40:63:D8:BB:3A C020280 N/A cs3360

Mesh boxes (including WiFi cards etc.):

  • Vlad: (1) mesh box, available if you replace the CPU fan


Vendor/Model CSL Number/SN # Current OS ver Current project Current location/user
Old Dell N/A N/A available cs3360
IBM R-60 C023088 Vanilla 2.6.24/WinXP Medusa/.11n Shravan(Mike, Mark)
IBM X-60 N/A Fedora 6 channel width Shravan
IBM T-30 N/A Ubuntu 802.11n Jongwon
IBM T-61 VISTA Medusa/.11nShravan(Mike, Mark)
EeePC 900A
C027506 Ubuntu 8.04 mar Rob/Josh
C027507 Ubuntu 8.04 mar Rob/Josh
C027508 Ubuntu 8.04 mar Rob/Josh

Wifi Cards

Type Model Number MAC Addr S/N Current location
PCMCIA D-link DWA-652 (802.11n) 00:1E:58:F4:FD:3D F35H285000493 cs3360
PCMCIA D-link DWA-652 (802.11n) 00:1E:58:F4:FD:25 F35H285000492 cs3360
PCMCIA D-link DWA-652 (802.11n) 00:1E:58:F4:FD:3E F35H285000491 cs3360
PCMCIA D-link DWA-652 (802.11n) 00:1E:58:3A:2A:D3 F35H283001171 cs3360
PCMCIA Belkin F5D8013 (802.11n) 00:1C:DF:07:4B:3C 12732801309544 cs3360
PCMCIA Belkin F5D8013 (802.11n) 00:1C:DF:07:CB:39 12738801301598 cs3360
PCMCIA Linksys WPC55AG 00:12:17:63:27:97 MDL204C15806 cs3360
PCMCIA Cisco Aironet 00:40:96:B0:6D:E1 FOC1023N03U cs3360
PCMCIA Netgear a/b WAB501 00:09:5B:2F:C9:3F WAB5A31ZC011565 cs3360
PCMCIA Zoom 4100 00:40:36:01:9B:8A 1052-Z4100-02-00C-1036 cs3360
PCMCIA EHome EH101 00:19:5B:04:14:B5 0102A16A014809 Jordan
PCMCIA 802.11b NL-2511CD + EXT2 00:02:6F:08:14:36 03A165416 Jordan
USB D-link DWL-122 00:0D:88:66:88:96 C2CS143021700 cs3360
USB D-link DWL-122 00:0D:88:66:16:64 C2CS143011689 cs3360
USB D-link DWL-122 00:0D:88:66:59:D0 C2CS143021366 cs3360
USB D-link DWL-122 00:0D:88:66:64:E8 C2CS143021367 cs3360
USB D-link DWL-122 00:0D:88:66:2D:30 C2CS143013617 cs3360
PCI Sparklan WPIR-501 (802.11n) 00:0E:8E:14:5C:4A 07A3221100357 cs3360
PCI Sparklan WPIR-501 (802.11n) 00:0E:8E:14:59:55 07A3221100367 cs3360
PCI Edimax EW-7728 (802.11n) 00:0E:2E:F5:49:F2 EW7728INBCA00422 cs3360

EVDO cards

Type Model ESN-DEC ESN-HEX Current user/location
USB Novatel Novatel u727 Sprint EVDO rev A. N/A 5B4D0C0C Shan-Hsiang
USB Novatel Novatel u727 Sprint EVDO rev A. N/A 5B4D0BFD CS3360
USB Novatel Novatel u727 Sprint EVDO rev A. N/A N/A ??
USB Sierra Sierra Wireless Sprint EVDO rev A. 09604083256 603E4E38 Josh (MAR)
PCMCIA Sierra Sierra Wireless Sprint EVDO rev 0. N/A N/A Suman
PCMCIA Novatel Novatel Merlin S620 Sprint 3G CDMA 09100521973 5B07F6F5 Josh (MAR)
PCMCIA Sierra Sierra PC3300 Sprint 3G CDMA 09900517575 6307E5C7 Josh (MAR)

GPS Units

Type Model S/N Current user/location
USB Hockey Puck GlobalSat BU-353 Water-Proof USB Mouse GPS Receiver - SiRF Star III (BU353) N/A Justin (permanent user on bus)
USB Hockey Puck GlobalSat BU-353 Water-Proof USB Mouse GPS Receiver - SiRF Star III (BU353) N/A Jordan
USB MS Microsoft USB GPS GPS-360 KT5B08565 Jordan (Sitting Idle in cs3360)
Bluetooth Black Bluetooth GPS N/A [Owner Unknown!]


Nokia N80

MAC addr Handheld network ID Current User

Nokia N95 NOTE: after you're done with the N95 and saved all code you can reset the phone with *#7370#

MAC addr Handheld network ID Current User
00:1F:5D:3D:33:75 wings-N95-1 Jesse benson
00:1F:5D:3D:34:5D available
00:1F:5D:3D:34:62 available
00:1F:5D:3D:34:68 available
00:1F:5D:3D:32:88 available
00:1F:5D:3D:32:91 available
00:1F:5D:3D:32:95 available
00:1F:5D:3D:32:A0 available
00:1F:5D:3D:32:AB available

Nokia N800

MAC addr Handheld network ID Current User
00:19:4F:C7:B0 Josh
00:19:4F:C7:AC Josh/Hytham
00:19:4F:C7:AD Josh/Hytham

Other Phones

Type/Model MAC addr Current User
HTC touch 36A0C33A (ESN) Shan-Hsiang
HTC - P4600 00-18-41-DA-BE-2B Shan-Hsiang


  • suman-hh-0: 00-1f-5d-3d-33-6d
  • suman-hh-1: 00-1f-5d-3d-33-68
  • 00-1f-5d-3d-33-7d


Description Model CSL Number Current location/user
16 port switch linksys EZXS16W C022952 cs3360

Other hardware:

  • (1) cisco PCMCIA card (with R60),

Wiligear Radios

Desc. S/N MAC1 MAC2 Current user/location
WBD-500 v1 IW50808001600743 00:19:3B:80:20:63 00:19:3B:80:20:64 cs3360
WBD-500 v1 IW50808001600742 00:19:3B:80:20:4D 00:19:3B:80:20:4E cs3360
WBD-500 v1 IW50808001600756 00:19:3B:80:20:7D 00:19:3B:80:20:7E cs3360

GNU Radios

Description S/N CSL number Current user/location
gnu radio 1 N/A N/A cs3360
gnu radio 2 N/A N/A cs3360
Mac mini 1 N/A N/A N/A
Mac mini 2 N/A N/A N/A

Warp Inventory:

  • 2 Desktop PCs + Keyboard,mouse,monitor
  • 2 WARP boards
  • 1 USB-to-Serial Converter
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