Download the RAGX Grammer-based Sentence Generator

RAGX is a grammar-based sentence generator that relies on user-specified type information to generate random sentences that are both syntactically (based on the grammar) and semantically (based on the user-provided type files) correct. It was developed with the intent of being used for stochastic testing of XQuery engines: by generating random--but still valid--queries and then running them on a given XQuery engine, one can determine whether or not that engine is working correctly.

As designed, RAGX should be able to take any grammar (not just XQuery) conforming to the grammar format used by W3C (as of Fall 2002) and generate syntactically and semantically correct sentences based on that grammar. If empty type files are provided, no semantics are enforced (just syntax).



Be sure to read the RAGX/README.txt file for important requirements and examples of usage.

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