The client is an applet that connects to the niagara server. You can use it to pose XML-QL queries and Search Engine Queries. One can also install triggers (demo only - since the monitored files are stored locally in this prototype). The client applet on this page connects to the niagara server running on a departmental workstation. We will try to keep the server available most of the time.


To try out the applet you will need the JAVA Plugin 1.2 to execute the applet inside Netscape or IE. The simple query interface uses drag and drop for joins. This is considered a security hazard in JAVA and therefore it will throw a security exception when no policy is specified. Click here to view policy installation info.


The applet is not currently operational.

Here you will find help on using the client.

If you do not wish to use the applet, download niagara.jar (right click and select save link as...) and execute the client using the following command:

java -jar niagara.jar
This will establish a connection to the server running in the UW-CS department. Note that you must have JDK 1.2 installed on your system.


Here you can find the data indexed so far.

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