Installing NIAGARA Server

Unpacking the Distribution

You can unpack the niagara_source.tgz file using:
tar zxf niagara_source.tgz
This will create a directory named niagara_1_0 in your current directory.


The current makefiles are not developement makefiles. They merely compile all the JAVA sources. They will work without modification on any unix system that has JAVA 2 installed and the JDK tools are reachable through the PATH variable. If javac and java is not in your path you can either put it there or modify the JAVA_HOME variable in the Makefile in niagara_1_0/src to point to the bin directory of your JDK.

To make the class files type

make -k
inside niagara_1_0/src. Report any problems to this address.


First one needs to create the indexes of the search engine. To do this you have to go to niagara_1_0/demo/search_engine and execute the constructIndex script. For example if you type
constructIndex niagara.urls
You will be indexing the test data that we currently have on our site. You can construct a similar file for your own data. The command
in the same directory will start up the search engine. To destroy the indexes you will need to issue
\rm -r seivl/*
while inside the niagara_1_0/demo/search_engine directory. Do not remove seivl and seindex.config.

Next you need to run the query engine that will contact the search engine. For this you go in the directory niagara_1_0/demo/niagara_server and type

runServer -init
This will prompt you for the search engine server. If you ommit the option -init then the last server contacted will be used. Alternatively you can type
runServer -se search_engine_host
This will bypass the config file.

The last step is to run the client program. Assume that the niagara server runs on host blackforest. To run the client you change directory to niagara_1_0/demo/client and execute

runClient blackforest
This will (hopefully) start up the client and make it connect to the server. For brief instructions on how to use the client click here.


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