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Report the statistics of a DAGMan run to a central HTTP server


condor_dagman_metrics_reporter [-s] [-u URL] [-t maxtime] -f /path/to/metrics/file


condor_dagman_metrics_reporter anonymously reports metrics from a DAGMan workflow to a central server. The reporting of workflow metrics is only enabled for DAGMan workflows run under Pegasus; metrics reporting has been requested by Pegasus' funding sources: see and for the requirements to collect this data.

The data sent to the server is in JSON format. Here is an example of what is sent:


Metrics are sent only if the condor_dagman process has PEGASUS_METRICS set to True in its environment, and the CONDOR_DEVELOPERS configuration variable does not have the value NONE.

Ordinarily, this program will be run by condor_dagman, and users do not need to interact with it. This program uses the following environment variables:

The URL of the default server to which to send the data. It defaults to It can be overridden at the command line with the -u option.
A comma separated list of URLs of servers that will receive the data, in addition to the default server.

The -f argument specifies the metrics file to be sent to the HTTP server.


Sleep for a random number of seconds between 1 and 10, before attempting to send data. This option is used to space out the reporting from any sub-DAGs when a DAG is removed.
-u URL
Overrides setting of the environment variable PEGASUS_USER_METRICS_DEFAULT_SERVER. This option is unused by condor_dagman; it is for testing by developers.
-t maxtime
A maximum time in seconds that defaults to 100 seconds, setting a limit on the amount of time this program will wait for communication from the server. A setting of zero will result in a single attempt per server. condor_dagman retrieves this value from the DAGMAN_PEGASUS_REPORT_TIMEOUT configuration variable.
-f metrics_file
The name of the file containing the metrics values to be reported.

Exit Status

condor_dagman_metrics_reporter will exit with a status value of 0 (zero) upon success, and it will exit with a value of 1 (one) upon failure.


Center for High Throughput Computing, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Copyright © 1990-2015 Center for High Throughput Computing, Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI. All Rights Reserved. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.
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