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Condor Week 2012
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
May 1-May 4, 2012
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Information for Condor Week Speakers

Do you want to give a talk?

If you are interested in giving a talk, contact Alain Roy <>.

Talk Schedule

All talks will be on Wednesday, May 2 or Thursday, May 3. Most talks are 20 minutes long, including time for questions and answers. We do try hard to keep talks on schedule, so aim for a 15-18 minute presentation.

Talk Titles

By April 17th (two weeks before Condor Week starts), we would like the final title for your talk.

Talk Content

Talking at Condor Week is challenging because there is a diverse audience. It includes system administrators that manage Condor pools as well as end-users that are just learning how to use Condor. Some people have computer science backgrounds, while others are scientists or managers.

If you are an end-user talking about how you use Condor, try to balance the description of your work with the description of how you use Condor. If you are a Condor system administrator, search for a balance between the nitty gritty details and the big picture of how you use Condor.

But above all, don't worry too much about your talk. Condor Week attendees are a relaxed crowd that enjoys learning more about Condor and how people use it.

Projection Computer

Please send your talk at least two hours in advance of your presentation to: Alain Roy.

In order to keep talks moving along smoothly, we would like your presentation several hours in advance of the talk. We will put your talk on the computer being used for presentations, to facilitate smooth transitions between speakers. If you must use your own laptop to project, we will allow it, but we strongly prefer using our computer. (It avoids delays between talks while we work out how to get your computer to display the presentation.)

Projection Formats

We can project talks that are PowerPoint, PDF, or OpenOffice.

Meet your moderator

Please meet the moderator for your session (posted on the agenda) at the end of the previous session or shortly before your session begins. You can make sure the moderator knows how to pronounce your name and ask any last-minute questions.

Posting of Talks

Unless you object, we will post your talks on the Condor Week 2012 web page. Ideally we will post them before you present, because some listeners like to follow along on their laptop.