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Condor Week 2012
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
May 1-May 4, 2012
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About the meeting

Condor Week is a four day annual event that gives collaborators and users the chance to exchange ideas and experiences, to learn about latest research, and to influence our short and long term research and development directions. Condor Week 2012 is taking place from May 1st through 4th, 2012.


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Let a couple of attendees from last year tell you why you should attend:

I've been to a number of technical conferences over the years. I found Condor Week to be well organized, well run, quite entertaining, very laid back and full of information. And the fact that the presentations were available in real time was great. —Anonymous Attendee #1
Coming from a non-IT / programming background the conference was extremely valuable. At the conclusion of the conference my knowledge of Condor had grown significantly. This was mainly due to the tutorials provided and the opportunity to converse with members of the Condor Team who offered a wealth of great advice and technical knowledge. The conference also offered great insight into the potential applications of Condor, and the developments in the field of High Throughput Computing. Prior to the conference I was not aware of the enormous scale of some of the Condor Pools in existence, and had a very basic knowledge of grid vs cloud computing. The conference was together extremely informative and well run, and the Condor Team and conference attendees very friendly and approachable. —Anonymous Attendee #2


Tuesday, May 1 Tutorials
Wednesday, May 2Talks
Thursday, May 3 Talks
Friday, May 4 Panel Discussions (Half-day)


Courtesy of Cycle Computing we will have a reception following the Wednesday session. It will be at Lucky's Bar and Grille, 1421 Regent Street from 6pm to 8pm. Appetizers and drinks will be served. It is a short walk from the meeting location. Walking directions

Condor Consultations

If you have a question or problem with Condor, and you would like to speak with someone from 30-60 minutes about it, contact Alain Roy and Greg Thain. Let us know what your question is in advance of Condor Week, and we will find an appropriate person on staff that can answer your question during the conference. We will set up a short meeting for you to talk to that person, and get all the details you might hope for. We may be able to provide limited hands-on debugging if you are able to access your Condor pool remotely.

We realize that problems you have now may need to be solved before Condor Week, but keep this in mind as the date approaches. We often find one-on-one interaction to be a great way to solve involved problems.

Contacts for consultations: Greg Thain

Questions? Contact us!

If you have logistics questions, you can contact

If you have questions about the content of the Condor sessions, contact Alain Roy at