Paradyn/Dyninst Paradyn / Condor Week
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
April 29-May 2, 2008
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Presenter Title Institution Files
Tannenbaum, Todd Tutorial: Basic Introduction to Condor Condor Project (PowerPoint) (Video)
De Smet, Alan Tutorial: Basic Condor Administration Condor Project (Handout, HTML) (PowerPoint) (Video)
Bradley, Dan Tutorial: Advanced Policy Configuration (For Sysadmins) Condor Project (PowerPoint) (Video)
Frey, Jaime Tutorial: Virtual Machines in Condor Condor Project (PowerPoint) (Video)
LeRoy, Nick Tutorial: Building and Modifying Condor Condor Project (PowerPoint) (Video)
Miller, Zach Hands-on Tutorial: Securing a Condor Installation with OpenSSL Condor Project (HTML)
Roy, Alain Hands-on Tutorial: Introduction to Condor Condor Project (HTML)
Wenger, Kent, and Mehta, Gaurang Hands-on Tutorial: Pegasus and DAGMan Condor Project & ISI (Full tutorial)


(Presentations are in chronological order, unless you click on a column header to sort it.)

Presenter Title Institution Files
Livny, Miron Welcome Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Kurz, Mary Beth Utilizing Condor to Support Genetic Algorithm Design Research Clemson University (PowerPoint)
Kosar, Tevfik Condor in Lousiana Louisiana State University (PowerPoint)
Wu, Weimin BoilerGrid for cyro-EM image processing Purdue University (PowerPoint)
Davoodi, Azadeh Development of Parallel Optimization Tools for High Performance Design of Integrated Circuits via Condor University of Wisconsin-Madison (PowerPoint)
Shantenua Jha Being Optimally Lazy: The case for integrating SAGA with Condor Louisiana State University (PDF)
Smith, Preston Implementing a Central Quill Database in a Large Condor Installation Purdue University (PowerPoint)
Moretti, Christopher High Level Abstractions for Data Intensive Computing Notre Dame (PowerPoint)
Dan Bradley The Condor Job Router Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Ganis, Gerardo Proof-Condor integration CERN (PDF)
Sfiligoi, Igor Pseudo Interactive Monitoring In Condor Fermilab (Open Office)
Heymann, Elisa : experiences with Condor to run interactive and parallel applications on a grid environment Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (PowerPoint)
Wright, Derek Condor: New Ways to Fetch Work Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Cope, Jason High Throughput Urgent ComputingG University of Colorado at Boulder (PowerPoint) (PDF)
Rynge, Mats OSGMM and ReSS - Matchmaking on OSG Renaissance Computing Institute (PDF)
Green, Chris Use of Condor on the Open Science Grid Fermilab (PowerPoint)
Neeman, Henry U Oklahoma and the Open Science Grid University of Oklahoma (PowerPoint)
Silberstein, Mark Grid mashups - gluing grids together with BOINC and Condor Technion (PDF) (HTML)
Berman, Eileen Condor in the Fermilab Grid Facility Fermilab (PowerPoint)
Velez, Juan High Throughput Computing for the IceCube Neutrino Observatory University of Wisconsin-Madison (PDF)
Benjamin, Doug The Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF) Scientific Collaboration's experience with Condor Duke University (PowerPoint)
Brenner, Paul Grid Heating: Managing Thermal Loads with Condor NotreDame (PowerPoint)
Eghbalnia, Hamid Hands-off Condor for Biology Applications University of Wisconsin-Madison (PDF)
Couvares, Peter Keeping your software ticking with Metronome Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Nordlund, Robert Grid Computing at the Hartford The Hartford (PowerPoint)
Budnik, Tom; Peters, Amanda; and Thain, Greg The Blue Heron Project IBM (PowerPoint)
Trieloff, Carl Innovation from around the community (Sleepwalker, Condor / Messaging Integration, Hardware influences, Managing Condor ) Red Hat (PDF)
Stowe, Jason Large, Fast and in Control: Condor Management Use Cases Cycle Computing (PDF)
Frey, Jaime Virtual Machines & Condor Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Gore, Brooklin Condor at Micron Micron (PDF)
Mendell, Gregory Use of Condor by the LIGO Scientific Collaboration LIGO, Hanford WA (PowerPoint)
Mellado, Bruce UW-ATLAS Experiences with Condor University of Wisconsin-Madison (PDF)
Alderman, Ian End-to-end security in Condor Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Tannenbaum, Todd What's new in Condor? What's coming up? Condor Project (PowerPoint)