Paradyn/Dyninst Paradyn / Condor Week
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
April 30-May 3, 2007
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Presenter Title Institution Files
LeRoy, Nick Tutorial: Using Condor Condor Project (PowerPoint)
De Smet, Alan Tutorial: Administrating Condor Condor Project (PowerPoint) (Handout)
Miller, Zach Tutorial: Securing a Condor Installation Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Quinn, Greg Tutorial: Condor on Windows Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Thain, Greg Tutorial: Configuring Quill Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Paulson, Erik Tutorial: Developing in the Condor Environment Condor Project N/A


(Presentations are in chronological order, unless you click on a column header to sort it.)

Presenter Title Institution Files
Livny, Miron Welcome Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Figueiredo, Renato Self-configuring Condor Virtual Machine Appliances for Ad-Hoc Grids University of Florida (PowerPoint)
Neeman Henry and Jannyavula-Venkata, Sumanth Unclipped Condor in Windows via CoLinux Oaklahoma University and University of Nebraska (PowerPoint)
Yoon, Jaeyoung Virtual Machines in Condor Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Naughton, Jeffrey CondorDB University of Wisconsin-Madison (PowerPoint)
Cieslak, David Data Mining IN Condor and Data Mining ON Condor Notre Dame (PowerPoint)
Deelman, Ewa Pegasus and DAGMan: From Concept to Execution Mapping Scientific Workflows onto the National Cyberinfrastructure ISI (PowerPoint)
Fraser, Dan A Managed Object Placement Service (MOPS) using Nest and GridFTP Argonne National Laboratory (PowerPoint)
Nordlund, Robert Condor In Flight at The Hartford The Hartford (PowerPoint)
Peters, Amanda High Throughput Computing on Blue Gene IBM (PowerPoint)
van der Riet, Kim Integrating Linux Technologies with Condor Red Hat (PowerPoint)
Ryan, Michael A Call To Arms - Seizing Control of Enterprise Grids Through Open Source & Standards JP Morgan (PowerPoint)
Frazer, Durban Condor at Fair Isaac: Improving Analytics with High Throughput Computing Fair Issac (PowerPoint)
Paranjpye, Sameer Condor at Yahoo Yahoo! (PowerPoint)
Stowe, Jason Landing in the Right Nest: New Negotiation Features for Enterprise Environments Cycle Computing (PowerPoint)
Withers, Alex Condor Scalability and Management at Brookhaven National Laboratory Brookhaven National Laboratory (PDF)
Couvares, Peter Metronome and the UW NMI Lab Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Gietzel, Becky Using Parallel Universe beyond MPI Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Thain, Greg Interactive MPI on Demand Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Linderoth, Jeff Solving Hard Integer Programs with MW Lehigh University (PDF)
Sfiligoi, Igor Glidein Factories Fermilab (OpenOffice) (PDF)
Pavlo, Andy Challenges in Dynamic Deployment of Condor Across Distributed Environments Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Payseur, Bret Harnessing the Power of Condor for Human Genetics University of Wisconsin-Madison (PowerPoint)
Goasguen, Sebastien Windows Condor Pool at Clemson Clemson University (PowerPoint)
Cheeseman, Phil Lessons learned in the Purdue TeraGrid Condor Pools Purdue University (PowerPoint)
Quick, Rob Open Science Grid Operations Indiana University (PowerPoint)
Timm, Steve FermiGrid--a Condor-based Heterogeneous Campus Grid Fermilab (OpenOffice) (PDF)
Prelz, Francesco Beauties of BLAH INFN (HTML) (tarball)
Petravick, Don Open Science Grid Security Fermilab (PDF)
Kupsch, Jim Security Assessment of Grid Software University of Wisconsin-Madison (PowerPoint)
Quinn, Greg Privilege Separation in Condor Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Alderman, Ian Signed ClassAds and Restricted Delegation Condor Project (PowerPoint)
Kewley, John Condor Gotchas II STFC Daresbury Laboratory (PowerPoint)
Tannenbaum, Todd What's new in Condor? What's coming up? Condor Project (PowerPoint)