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What We Do:

Our group's research focus is in computer architecture, although we also work in adjacent areas such as operating systems and parallel programming. We also collaborate with faculty and students from other areas, including applications, software, and hardware.

Modern computing systems are becoming increasingly heterogeneous, a trend that is likely to continue in the coming years. Our research focuses on how to build, design, program, and optimize these future systems, especially for emerging applications in augmented/virtual reality, graph analytics, machine learning, and other emerging domains. We also help build and maintain the tools used to perform this research, including the widely used gem5 and GPGPU-Sim simulators.

Recent News:

  • July 2024: Our paper on improving coherence and synchronization in multi-chiplet GPUs has been accepted at MICRO '24 -- congrats Preyesh and Rajesh!!
  • July 2024: Our paper on designing variability-aware schedulers for GPU-rich clusters has been accepted at SC '24 -- congrats Rutwik and Brandon!!
  • June 2024: Alex and Vishnu present their papers at OSCAR 2024!
  • June 2024: Matt and Vishnu run the gem5 tutorial at ISCA 2024!