Howdy Everyone!  Just getting y'all warmed up for what's
to come...  Soon there will be projects and renderings
galore in the space below...  Can't wait, can you?

Nope, didn't have glasses in that picture, so i scanned
mine in and dumped 'em on top...  Silly looking, isn't it?

Oh yeah, and i almost forgot those wacky folks in me'
reading group...  Currently 'those wacky folks'
consist of: Chris, 'Raj, and Steve


This one should get y'all rendering a gif or jpg
in no time LINK.

Here is a bitty tutorial I whipped up on how to get 
frames you've rendered in Maya to work as a compiled
movie in Adobe Premiere...  This is not a simple task,
and I suggest reading over this carefully before you
render your first animation...
      Here's the link  

Have you a hankering for more Maya-rific information?
Go visit for a whole
heck of a lot of useful information.  You may even
want to submit some of your work there...

Or if you prefer to have tons of banners and a gaudy
interface maybe is more your


*Notion number one: Have you ever thought -you- had
                    too much time on your hands?
                    Link - don't ask.

                    That -is- Ricky Martin btw...


*Number One - Though now defunct, I figured I'd still
              stick with the spirit of the assignment and
              post an old


              for public scruitinizing...
                 - you gotta' ask me if you wanna' know
                   what they are :)

*Number Two - Baseball.  Okay, here's the scoupe -
              don't try to render a movie file and ftp it
              -just- before the building closes - it won't
              ftp correctly and you'll be mad.  So I redid
              a teensie bit of the animation and it lies
              below...  Truly amusing i'm sure, but I assure
              you the final product will be much more to look
              at (i'm gonna' be going on a minute and a half
              for this one i think...

              Pitcher Movie

              Please be patient 'cuz this whole hunk of
              "footage" won't be used in the final...
              See if you can see him nodding and shaking
              his head for the pitch selection by the

              All content in the production is origional
              work by Andrew Gardner (and copywright thereof
              if you wanna' be snippy).  The Pokemon images
              and Budweiser logo were heisted from their
              respective web pages at


                *Don't drink and drive kids.


*Number One - BotWars - Need anything more be said?
                        Experience it now.  You may never
                        have another chance.

*Number Two - MotView - Just when you had seen it all 
                        in motion editing suites.