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CS779: Rendering Images with Computers

Spring 2003

Instructor: Stephen Chenney

Office: 6387 Computer Sciences and Statistics
Office Hours: By appointment

TA: Eric McDaniel

Office Hour: By appointment.


The NPR program is in the calendar below. It is TENTATIVE.

Project description due April 11. Email pdf to cs779-1@cs.

Final Projects

The final project results can be viewed here.


Jan 22
  • Introduction
  • Raytracing
  • Assignment 1: Write a ray-tracer.
  • Lecture notes
Jan 24
  • Radiometry
  • The reference for this lecture was Sillion and Puech.
  • Lecture notes
Jan 27 Jan 29
Jan 31
  • Sub-structuring
  • Adaptive refinement
  • Hierarchical Radiosity
  • Lecture notes
Feb 3
  • Importance
  • High-Quality Form Factors
  • Improved Meshing
  • Lecture notes
Feb 5
  • Finite-Element approaches
  • Overcoming the diffuse assumption
  • Two-pass methods
  • Lecture notes
Feb 7
Feb 10
  • Intro to Monte Carlo Methods
  • A probability refresher
  • Lecture notes
Feb 12

Feb 17
Feb 19

Feb 24
Feb 26
  • More subsurface scattering
  • Sky illumination models
  • Lecture notes

Mar 3
Mar 5

Mar 10
  • High Dynamic Range Image Capture
  • Introduciton to Image Based Rendering (IBR)
  • Assignment 3
  • Lecture notes
Mar 12

Mar 24
Mar 26

Mar 31
Mar 26

April 7
April 9
April 11
April 14
April 16
Precursors and Extensions

April 21
April 23

General Course Information

This course is about using computers to produce images. It covers high-quality rendering (photorealistic rendering), image-based rendering, stylized rendering, and real-time rendering. Early in the course there will be a sequence of programming assignments, and then a project to finish.
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