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Mailing Lists

We recommend the following AI-related mailing lists for new students.

  • MLGroup
    This list is used for messages that are of interest to machine learning faculty and students (job openings, news, cookies and so on).

  • AIRG
    AI students' reading group (weekly meetings and so on).

  • AISEM (archive)
    Announcements of AI and Robotics seminar talks are made to list subscribers (low traffic).

  • Bioinformatics
    Announcements pertaining to seminars for the CIBM training grant and other bioinformatics events on campus.

  • Biostat-seminar
    Seminar announcements in the Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics.

  • Computer Vision
    Weekly reading group on vision, graphics, learning.

  • Chaos & Complex Systems
    Weekly, campus-wide, multidisciplinary seminar series spanning a wide range of topics including computer science, mathematics, economics, biology, meteorology, psychology, and physics. Everyone is welcome.

  • The CogSci mailing list

  • (external) KDnuggets
    KDnuggets: Data Mining, Web Mining, Text Mining, and Knowledge Discovery.

  • (external) Machine Learning List
    The Machine Learning List is a moderated mailing list for all matters relevant to the scientific study of machine learning.

  • (external) Machine Learning News
    IMLS list to post announcements of jobs, calls for papers, announcements of machine-learning-related events, software releases, paper abstracts, etc.

  • (external) Connectionists
    Technical issues relating to neural computation.

Other things for new students to do:

  • Learn to use a version control system for your projects, e.g., Subversion.
  • Learn to use latex.
  • There are a few blogs on machine learning, with interesting reviews on recent conferences. For example,, nlpers.
Last modified by Xiaojin Zhu, 1/8/2008.