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Getting Started

The following sections explain how to get started using Shore to write applications.


Installing the Shore Software

The first step in using Shore is to install the documentation and software. The Shore Software Installation Manual explains how to install the documentation and binary releases and how to use the source release to compile new binaries.

The installation manual contains a section on testing the installation. This is a step-by-step guide to starting a Shore Server, compiling and running an application and mounting the Shore file system.


Learning More about the Shore Server

After you have installed the Shore software and tested your installation, you can find more information about using the Shore Server and file system in the document Configuring and Running a Shore Server.


Writing, Compiling, and Running SDL Applications

Several example programs are included in documentation release. The document, Getting Started with Shore uses these examples to explain how to write, compile and run applications.

To write your own Shore application, you will need to be familiar with the Shore Data-definition language, SDL. See the document An SDL Reference Manual, and the man pages sdl(SDL) and sdlcxx(SDL) for more information.


Building Value-Added Servers using the Storage Manager

This release includes support for using the Shore Storage Manager to build your own servers. The Shore Server is an example of such a server. The tutorial Writing Value-Added Servers with the Shore Storage Manager uses a simple example to illustrate the creation of a customized server. For details on the Storage Manager programming interface, see The Shore Storage Manager Programming Interface.

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