WALi and OpenNWA downloads

WALi: the Weighted Automata Library and OpenNWA: the Nested Word Automata library
WALi is a C++ implementation of the WPDS algrorigthms from [ SAS 2003, SCP 2005, CAV 2005, CAV 2006 ]. WALi employs an object-oriented design to make it easy to extend with new algorithms and formalisms. OpenNWA is a C++ implementation of the NWA algorithms by Alur and Madhusudan from [ DLT 2006, JACM 2009 ]. The two libraries are packaged together.
[ Download : WALi-4.1 ; Older Versions (versions before 4.0 do not include OpenNWA) ]

WPDS++ is the predessor of WALi, and uses C++ templates in favor of inheritance. WPDS++ was developed jointly at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. and GrammaTech,Inc.. From Dec. 2007 onwards, WPDS++ is considered stable and no longer being actively developed. WALi is also considered stable but continues to be developed for ongoing research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
[ Download : tar.gz ; Older Versions ]

Both WALi and WPDS++ are based upon work supported by ONR under Grant No. N00014-1-0796 and the National Science Foundation under Grant No. CCR-9986308, CCF-0540995, and CCF-0524051. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.


A C implementation of the WPDS algorithms has been developed by Stefan Schwoon. It can be found here.