A Semantics for Procedure Local Heaps and its Abstractions

N. Rinetzky, J. Bauer, T. Reps, M. Sagiv, and R. Wilhelm

The goal of this work is to develop compile-time algorithms for automatically verifying properties of imperative programs that manipulate dynamically allocated storage. The paper presents an analysis method that uses a characterization of a procedure's behavior in which parts of the heap not relevant to the procedure are ignored. The paper has two main parts: The first part introduces a non-standard concrete semantics, LSL, in which called procedures are only passed parts of the heap. In this semantics, objects are treated specially when they separate the ``local heap'' that can be mutated by a procedure from the rest of the heap, which---from the viewpoint of that procedure---is non-accessible and immutable. The second part concerns abstract interpretation of LSL and develops a new static-analysis algorithm using canonical abstraction.

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