Comparison Under Abstraction for Verifying Linearizability

Daphna Amit, Noam Rinetzky, Thomas Reps, Mooly Sagiv, and Eran Yahav

Linearizability is one of the main correctness criteria for implementations of concurrent data structures. A data structure is linearizable if its operations appear to execute atomically. Verifying linearizability of concurrent unbounded linked data structures is a challenging problem because it requires correlating executions that manipulate (unbounded-size) memory states. We present a static analysis for verifying linearizability of concurrent unbounded linked data structures. The novel aspect of our approach is the ability to prove that two (unboundedsize) memory layouts of two programs are isomorphic in the presence of abstraction. A prototype implementation of the analysis verified the linearizability of several published concurrent data structures implemented by singly-linked lists.

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