WiSA format-string exploit benchmarks

Vinod Ganapathy

Source code for generating the WiSA benchmarks refered to in papers [1] and [2]. Please refer to the README file in the tarball for usage. This software comes with no support.

  1. D. Kroening, J. Ouaknine, O. Strichman and S. Seshia: Abstraction-based satisfiability solving of Presburger arithmetic formulae: CAV 2004.
  2. S. Seshia and R. Bryant: Deciding quantifier-free Presburger arithmetic formulae using parameterized solution bounds: LICS 2004.

Please note that our ICSE 2005 paper, which describes format-string exploit-generation, uses a different technique than the one employed by the WiSA benchmarks.

Download: [WiSA-bench.tar.gz]

This page updated October 18, 2005.