Three WiSA Students Pass Qualifying Exams

Posted 12 October, 2002

The members of the WiSA project are pleased to announce that three graduate students on the project passed their Ph.D qualifying exams this semester. Mihai Christodorescu and Vinod Ganapathy successfully completed the Programming Languages exam, and Jonathon Giffin passed in the Operating Systems and Networking area. These are the first WiSA students to pass the qualifying exam.

Information about the students may be found on their home pages:

Students passing the qualifying exam demonstrate a depth of knowledge in an area of Computer Science research. Exams are based upon pivotal historic and recent research, and the three students spent much of the summer in intense study to master the material.

At Wisconsin, the exam is a four hour written test. This semester's exam was held on Monday, September 21. Students learned their results on Friday, October 4.

All three students look forward to their next challenge: identifying a thesis topic and passing the Ph.D preliminary exam.

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