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Projects: COAP Airshark | WiRover Energy monitoring Insight GENI WiMAX

Want to detect non-WiFi devices from your Android tablet — checkout the Wisense project.

The Wisconsin Wireless and NetworkinG Systems (WiNGS) Laboratory was established at UW-Madison in the summer of 2005. Research in the WiNGS lab is conducted in the areas of networking and distributed systems with a primary focus on wireless and mobile networking. Research activities in the lab spans a diverse set of activities, ranging from algorithmic design and analysis, and systems building through functional prototypes. A key emphasis of all of our projects has been that they get deployed in real and practical scenarios, sometimes in collaboration with various partners that allow us to understand various real constraints leading to more refined the solutions. The activities of this lab are generously supported at different times through funding from governmental agencies, such as the NSF, and many industrial partners.

Recent news:

Dec '13: The “Tale of Two Apps” paper was a best paper finalist at CoNEXT 2013.
Nov '13: Dr. Yadi Ma completes her PhD. Congrats!
Sep '13: V-Scope paper on whitespace databases accepted to HotNets 2013.
Jun '13: WiSe paper on wireless experience for home APs, accepted to MobiCom 2013.
Jun '13: Prof. Suman Banerjee elected to be the Chair of ACM SIGMOBILE.
Apr '13: Jongwon Yoon wins the Landweber Fellowship.
Apr' 13: Prof. Suman Banerjee wins the ACM SIGMOBILE Rockstar award.
Oct '12: Dr. Sayandeep Sen completes his PhD thesis definese.
Oct '12: WhiteCell paper wins the best student paper award in Dyspan 2102 (congrats Sayandeep and Tan).
June '12: MuVi paper gets into MobiCom 2012 (congrats Jongwon).
June '12: Dr. Shravan Rayanchu completes his PhD thesis defense.
May '12: Shravan Rayanchu wins the Outstanding Research Award from the CS department.
April '12: SmartPC paper on reducing TCAM power consumption to appear in Sigcomm 2012 (congrats Yadi). Ashish, Josh, and Lance have papers in MobiGames and CellNet workshops as well.
March '12: The WiRover experience paper to appear in MobiSys 2012.
February '12: Ashish Patro awarded a Microsoft Research fellowship.

Old news




* Greyson Hensley
* Lance Johnson
* Derek Meyer
* Alex Sherman


* Michael Bauer
* Joe Bomber
* Pete Chulick
* Joshua Hare
* Lance Hartung
* Lei Kang
* Neil Klingensmith
* Peng Liu
* Prakhar Panwaria
* Ashish Patro
* R Sivasubramanian
* Dale Willis
* Jongwon Yoon
* Tan Zhang


* Yadi Ma (Ph.D. 2013)
* Sayandeep Sen (Ph.D. 2012)
* Shravan Rayanchu (Ph.D. 2012)
* Vivek Shrivastava (Ph.D. 2010)
* Qunfeng Dong (Ph.D., 2007)

* Srinivas Govindan (M.S. 2013)
* Mike Griepentrog (M.S. 2013)
* Neel Kamal Madabhushi (M.S., 2010)
* Vishnu Katreddy (M.S., 2010)
* Vikrant Soman (M.S., 2010)
* Sreejith Ramkumar (M.S., 2010)
* Vladimir Brik (M.S. 2009)
* Dheeraj Agrawal (M.S., 2007)
* Ashutosh Shukla (M.S., 2007)

* Nicholas Butch (B.S., 2012)
* Wes Miller (B.S., 2012)
* Jordan Walker (B.S., 2010)
* Rob Madden (B.S., 2009)
* Bryan Kerrigan (B.S., 2008)
* Kevin Springborn (B.S., 2007)
* Eric Rozner (B.S., 2005)

* Rajiv Chakravorty (Visiting researcher, 2005)
* Arunesh Mishra (Post-doctoral fellow, 2006-2007)
* Hytham Alihassan (software engineer, 2012-2013)

Our sponsors over the years

* National Science Foundation
* Cisco Systems
* Microsoft Research
* NEC Laboratories of America
* Sprint Labs
* QualNet

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