Instructions for submitting bibtex entries for the online bibliography


Please send email to bobba at cs dot wisc dot edu with a subject line "TMONLINE BIBTEX" and the bibtex entries.

Pay special attention to the author name format in the template below.

Any valid bibtex entry (but with the Author name listing convention as shown below) is acceptable, but please follow the additional submission guidelines below to assist in automation of the online bibliography.

Each bibtex entry should have a few additional fields to help in generating the online categorized bibliography automatically:

catId1 = { }
catId2 = { }
urlpage = { }
pdf = { }

catId1 (first-level category) and catId2 (second-level category) are used to categorize the entry. An entry can exist in multiple such categories. I.e., each entry can have multiple catId1 and catId2 fields.

You may also email bobba at cs dot wisc dot edu suggestions for additional categories

As a guideline, two examples are provided here: one for a journal and one for a  conference:

Author = {Eswaran, Kapali P. and Gray, Jim and Lorie, Raymond A. and Traiger, Irving L.},
Title = {The Notions of Consistency and Predicate Locks in a Database System},
Journal = {Communications of the ACM},
Volume = {19},
Number = {11},
Pages = {624--633},
month = Nov,
year = {1976},
catId1 = {SW},
catId2 = {swdb},
urlpage = {},


Author = {Herlihy, Maurice and Moss, J. Eliot B.},
Title = {Transactional Memory: Architectural Support for Lock-Free Data Structures},
BookTitle = {Proceedings of the 20th Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture},
Pages = {289--300},
month = May,
year = {1993},
catId1 = {HW},
catId2 = {hwtm},
catId2 = {swlan},
urlpage = {},